At Home: Our Living Room

At 23 weeks pregnant I decided our living room needed to change and needed to change immediately - hello nesting! So, I sold our couch and two end tables on Facebook Marketplace that week and started the hunt for new furniture! I bought a few pieces, rearranged a lot, and loved seeing this room come together. However, this will is still far from being a "completed' room. We'll live in the space and make purchases as we go but I am loving where we are right now!

Let's talk process and budget.

First Step: Set the intention and the budget

This room is our most high-trafficked room and I knew with the new baby coming our time in this space would only increase. That meant any furniture in the room needed to be durable, kid and pet-friendly, and comfortable. Oh yea, and within budget!! A budget that was set by whatever I sold our couch and end tables for + about $500 additional dollars. All in all: under $1000.

Step 2: Seating

Our original living room layout and furniture only sat 4 people and not very comfortably! I wanted to fit at-least 6 with additional seating for 8.

I started with adding two matching chairs. I found these at Target and fell in love with the color first and the velvet material second. When putting a room together that will be full of neutral colors, I always look for texture. I also loved the modern design of these chairs. Our home was built in 1896 (yep, you read that right) and is full of original character we absolutely love. I wasn't originally looking for modern pieces, but these are the perfect combination of classic color and texture with a modern frame. They instantly set the "vibe" for the space and I loved it.

Cost: $270/each

Room Total: $540

Shop similar seating options all from Target by clicking here.

With more than half of the budget wrapped up in two chairs, I had to get creative with the other pieces of furniture but the challenge of finding 4-6 more seats for under $500 ended up paying off in a big way!

Step 3: Shop Your House

We bought a queen sleeper-sofa from Ikea when we first moved into our home that served as an extra bed in an upstairs space. I love this couch. The frame has always been a favorite of mine and it being tucked away upstairs wasn't doing it justice! So, I rearranged!

The sleeper sofa added 3 more seats for $free.99! Can't beat that!

The last piece of the seating puzzle is a glider or recliner and we're going to thank our baby registry and prepping-for-baby budget for that! With a few months to go before baby, I'll share that piece later!

While shopping our home, I ended up rearranging quite a bit! And one piece that fit perfectly in our new living room layout was an antique bookcase from our office. The dark wood pulled the new chairs, old-home character, and white couch together beautifully. When we placed the bookcase into position it's like the entire room clicked! And again, this little corner all came together for $free.99.

Step 4: Fill In The Holes

I had $5oo to buy new pieces to fill in the holes and finish up this room.

The big one I needed to solve first was an end table with some unusual dimensions. Our sofa seating is only 22 inches from ground, so my end table couldn't be much higher than that but it needed it to be 30"-34" wide. Good news is if you're long for a similar size end table I found many options! Bad news is they were all out of my budget. I found this piece on Wayfair and the dimensions were perfect! However, the color was not. But we can fix that!

Cost: $220

Room Total: $760

I knew the table I wanted for between the new chairs the moment I placed them in the room! I've been eyeing this little guy from Target for a few months and I finally found a home for it.

Cost: $70

Room Total: $830

Step 5: The Fluff

I had under $200 to make this room feel lived in with pillows and decorations. So, I did a mixture of buying new pieces and "shopping" at home.

From around our house

Lamps: Target Glass Lamp Base Silver

Ottomans: Target x Studio McGee Lynwood Square Ottoman

Pillows: Target Windowpane Plaid Pillows

Frames on Bookcase: Amazon Gallery Wall Fram Gold (I painted antique bronze)

Bought new

Sofa Pillow: Target Linen Throw Pillow

Chair Pillows: Target x Studio McGee Boucle Throw Pillows

Frames: Ikea Virserum 12x16 Gold Frame

Florals on Bookcase: Target Artificial Hops Stem

Cost: $115

Room Total: $985

Shop pieces from our living room by clicking here.

Additional Notes:

- You may notice I didn't put a coffee table or ottoman in middle of this room. That's because I want the middle of this room to stay as an open play space for our baby. We'll be adding a House of Noa play-mat over the jute rug