2021 Gift Guides: For the Moms

My thought process for moms is to always look for gifts they wouldn't normally buy for themselves and in my experience, that list is long! Moms are some of the most selfless humans on earth! Whether this gift is for your mom, grandmother, mother-like figure in your life, or a friend I hope this list gets your wheels turning to find the perfect gift!

For the Moms

Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade! Mom's swear they don't need anything, but we all love new things! Upgrade the bag they're always toting around, grab a trendy scarf they can pair with their on-the-go mom outfit, or gift her something the two of you can enjoy together.

Electric Bike | Hard Roller Bag | Messenger Bag | Gardening Pots | Coffee Mug and Warmer | Suede Bag | Bandanas | Dry Shampoo | Matching Necklaces

Mom Gift Guide Highlights

Electric Bike: This would be such a fun group gift! It's on the higher end but definitely not something I see a lot of moms buying for themselves!

Travel Bags: Couple this with a fun trip!

Dry Shampoo: I always like to gift some of my favorite products in travel size. Super easy stocking stuffers to grab while you're restocking your supply!

For the Moms-to-be

I can't make gift guides this year without making a list for my fellow moms-to-be! These are items I either have and love or want (hint, hint, wink, wink to any of my family reading this). This will probably be the last year these moms-to-be get gifts specifically for them and not geared toward their kids so make it good, make it cozy, and all about them!

Cozy Sandals | Amazon Kindle | Sony A6400 | Barefoot Dreams Blanket | Airpods | Yoga Mat | Pregnancy Pillow | Bucket Hat | Baseball Cap | Hospital Bag

Mom-to-be Gift Guide Highlights

Song A6400: Having an upgraded, easy to use camera was a huge deal for me as we prepare for baby Frazier! I wanted something I could throw in my bag and take everywhere and the Sony A6400 is just that. Don't feel like you need to spend this much on a gift, though! There are so many wonderful more affordable options! I'll link some here: Canon Rebel | Sony A6000 | Nikon Coolpix

Pregnancy Pillow: BLESS A MOM-TO-BE IN YOUR LIFE WITH A PREGNANCY PILLOW!!! Just do it. You'll instantly be their most favorite person.

Airpods: This was a suggestion from some moms in my life for those late night feedings when you want to watch a show but not wake the baby or when you need both your hands but want to continue your phone conversation!

Hospital Bag: All moms have 1000 bags! Add a cute personalized bag to her collection! I love this one from Stoney Clover Lane.

Finally, I'm answering a request from Instagram! Mother-in-laws! Here's my links for that "impossible" mother-in-law. I combined all my favorite, affordable items from this years list in hopes of pleasing the mother-in-law in your life (good luck, girl friend!!)

Amazon Kindle | Personalized Wine Glasses | Scarf | Bandanas | Dry Shampoo | Coffee Mug and Warmer