2021 Gift Guides: For the Kids

I'll admit, I asked for help on this one! The following list was made by my nieces and friend's kids (don't worry, Santa also reads this blog so he knows what they want)!

The best part about asking their opinion was learning about all the toys that are "in" right now. While some of their favorites make me feel old, I was happy to see Nerf footballs are still on the tops of list! Can't beat a classic.

For the Kids

Hot Wheels | Block Castles | Nerf Football | Books by the Moyle Sisters | Bath Bombs | Whoopie Cushion | Water Bottle with Stickers | Tie Dye Kit | Electric Scooter | Barbie Jeep, but cooler (her words, not mine)

For the kids Highlights:

Whoopie Cushion - My niece just picked out a whoopie cushion as a prize at school and has had the best time getting people with it! Be honest, fart noises are funny. The entire family will have fun with this one!

Bath Bombs - I was so surprised when this one made their list! If this doesn't scream 2021 kid I don't know what does. "Bath bombs with toys inside" was the exact item on the list. Linked some from Amazon here.

Hot Wheels - My nieces are obsessed with hot wheels! My parents have some old school Hot Wheels from when my dad was a kid at their house and now my nieces are requesting their own!

Let me know your kid favorites!