2021 Gift Guides: For the Guys

Guys loves toys and looking nice (even if they say they don't care!) So, when looking for gifts for the men in my life, I always looks to their hobbies and their closet.

For my husband, his hobby is grilling and last year for this birthday I got him this bluetooth thermometer. It was such a hit I ended up gifting my brother one for Christmas. (Dad if you're reading this: act surprised when you get one this year!)

Start thinking of their hobbies and check out my list for easy gifts for the guys. I hope my list will jumpstart your brain into picking the perfect gift for the guys in your life!

For the Guys

Ice Molds | Mizzen and Main Shirts | Theragun Mini | Weekend Duffle Bag | Chelsea Boots | Costa Sunglasses | Yummly Bluetooth Thermometer

For the guys Highlights:

Theragun Mini - Honestly, you'll thank yourself for this gift. It's actually on MY Christmas list this year! Amazon has so many different options and brands at different price points! Theragun is the most recognized brand and the mini is perfect for travel.

Ice Molds - Don't ask me why, but men love shaped ice! They will grab a solo cup and put an ice sphere in it! Don't hate on it because it makes the perfect, super affordable gift!

Mizzen and Main Shirts - Parks refuses to wear any other shirts now and I understand why! These shirts are insanely comfortable but still hold their shape as a dress shirt (they also have flannels). Bonus, they don't wrinkle so I love them too!

If you're a guy reading this or a woman who has gotten the perfect gift for the guy in your life, comment below! I'm always on the lookout for new gifts!